Insight in the effectiveness of exporting

SME businesspeople like you have more things to concentrate on than just exporting. However, it is wise to review the effect, that your approach is having on the export results.

Do the export quick scan and find out at a glance how well you’re doing.

What does the Xportscan involve?

The free export quick scan gives you a rapid and effective analysis of the points you need to focus on in your export approach.

    • What is going well in your company’s exporting?
    • Which bottlenecks do you need to address?
    • How do your exporting efforts fit together?
    • Do you have the required export knowledge and expertise?
    • Is your export approach future proof?
    • What improvements can you make to grow your business abroad?

You complete an online questionnaire. The results are then sent to you by e-mail. As a bonus, you will receive concrete tips that will let you get straight down to brass tacks.


The five fundamentals of doing business internationally in a succesful way

Focus and urgency

What do you aim to get from exporting? How much time and effort can you spend on exporting? What will happen to your company if you cannot grow abroad?

Strategy and planning

Do you have a clear strategy and what does your exportplan say? Or is your export activity a slow burner and you’re looking for more structure?

Internal organisation

You can’t do business internationally on your own. Do you have the backing of your staff and do they have enough operational knowledge and skills? Could you scale up if business suddenly took off?

Sales and marketing

The Xportscan ticks off a number of basic preconditions in this regard. How do you choose your business partners, for example, or how do you decide on your positionig abrond and to what extent do you adapt your marketing?

Finances and monitoring

Think about the financial gains that you want to achieve from exporting. What is a realistic turnover target, what will it cost and what do you need if you’re able to say the business is doing well?

In just 10 minutes, you will be able to see the status of your exports

Do the Xportscan