Xportwise develops and runs practically oriented export training courses and workshops for SME companies. In our export training courses, we teach the participants export management skills that they can use for bringing their export activities and export results up to the next level. We work with small groups, so that there is plenty of scope for your own input, relating to the individual company situation. Our training courses are interactive, switching nicely between the theoretical and practical aspects. After the training course, you will have a plan containing specific, practically applicable actions that will let you get straight down to work.

As well as giving training courses for companies, we also regularly share our knowledge and our many years of experience through training, workshops and presentations at colleges, sector associations and chambers of commerce, as well as providing courses for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .


A number of possible topics for a training course or workshop:

  • Export plan on a single A4
  • Focus on export
  • Selection of export markets
  • Partner selection and partner management
  • Handling cultural differences.

We also organise customised training courses and workshops.


A participant in our ‘Export plan on an A4’ training course had been working on exporting to Germany for more than a year, though it had unfortunately not really got off the ground. Putting the aims on paper properly made sure that the plans became concrete and could be realised. In addition, the plan could be shared easily within the company because of its simple format, which made people more aware of the export plans. A good German agent has been found now who presents the leads and follows them up. The first orders have now been obtained.

Contact & More Information

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