Partner in the Implementation

Once the plan of action has been made, it’s time to realise the export plans. However, practice shows that the actual execution of export plans frequently grinds to a halt. And this mostly happens when a totally new activity or market is involved. A lot of time and energy have to be spent on it, time that is often not readily available, as the existing activities are continuing too. The knowledge and experience required are not always available either.

International business development in practice

We are there for you and we actually do the work for you. We handle all the international business development activities that are required for export growth. From developing a market entrance strategy to handling or arranging the export documentation, we will help you set up a professional export department. Effective, efficient and with a focus on your interests.

Interim export manager

We are also available to act as an interim export manager on a temporary basis so that you can calmly look for the right candidate while the work continues.

Being a partner in the implementation often means we are connected to your company for a rather longer period. We offer various subscriptions for this. We can also agree on a tailor-made programme. If you are intrigued about what we could do for your company, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Partner in the Implementation – a case study

One of our customers was starting out as an exporter. We were setting up the export for this company. In the first instance, this meant arranging a trial shipment, for which we were responsible for the logistics and administrative organisation, including the delivery of the required export documents. A regular flow of orders began after the successful completion of the trial shipments; we are now developing the export activities further and creating a plan of action for expansion to new markets. We also handle the operational export activities for this company.