Partner Search & Selection


A reliable and committed local partner is the most appropriate entrance strategy for many SME companies who want to operate successfully abroad. However, finding such a partner is not that simple. It’s crucial to prepare properly and have a clear picture of the type of partner that you’re looking for. We will be pleased to help you in this process.


How does it work?

  • Intake interview
  • Set up a partner profile and a search strategy
  • Draw up a longlist of potential candidates
  • Draw up a shortlist of 5 to 10 candidates.
  • Contact the shortlist companies and make appointments with them
  • Negotiations
  • Objective: contract with a single new local partner

We will use our extensive international network for you during our search and selection process. And we will of course keep you informed of the progress and only take the subsequent steps in close cooperation with you.


Could you use some help in your search for a local partner?

If so, please contact us and ask about the possibilities.

Partner Search & Selection – a case study

A company that sells test equipment was looking for a distributor in the USA and asked us for help. Because of the size of the country, we first carried out small-scale market research to determine which parts of the USA were most likely to provide opportunities. This turned out to be the Midwest and California. Using the above-mentioned working method, we drew up a shortlist of potential partner candidates. Given the technical nature of the product, our customer approached these possible partners itself and signed a contract with one of them.