Organisational Development

Why organisational development? The key factors for success in exports – focus, commitment and freeing up the time and money needed for it – have to come from your own organisation.

International business development is therefore not possible without developing the (export) organisation at the same time. Are your employees aware of the importance of exports for your company? Do they have sufficient knowledge of exporting and the skills to handle quotations and orders successfully? What language skills are there at your company? Are the business processes geared to each other properly so that production and delivery are not delayed? What is needed if you are to take the next step in export turnover?


Working method

Using a scan, we first make a ‘snapshot’ of your company, focusing on your export activities. What your strong points are and where bottlenecks are preventing international growth. Based on these results, we create a plan of action together with you and provide on-the-job training if necessary. Where can improvements be made immediately, what factors require more time, what can you do by yourself, and what can we help you with? Clear, concrete, with a delimited scope and clear agreements.

If you are curious about how we could help you take the next step, please contact us and plan an introductory discussion.

Organisational Development – a case study

We were approached by a company that had been exporting for a considerable time and where sales support was run by two members of staff who were responsible for handling export quotations and export orders. The employees had worked for the company for many years and had become gradually involved in export. As the export quantities grew, it turned out that the knowledge about exporting and the associated skills were insufficient. Documents were not completed in accordance with the letter of credit, follow-up deliveries had to be made for delayed orders, there were problems at the borders… which all resulted in dissatisfied customers.

We mapped out the bottlenecks for this company, made a proposal for streamlining the business processes and drew up checklists together with the employees for processing export quotations and export orders. Additionally, one of the employees took an (external) course in export skills.

The export department is running smoothly now, the number of errors has gone down considerably and customer satisfaction has increased.