Marketing & Sales Support

Every small and medium-sized enterprise with a small sales department will recognise this issue: day-to-day activities such as handling quotations and orders, answering calls and e-mails often take up so much time that there’s hardly any time left to set up additional marketing and sales activities. The activities that are typically important for turnover growth in the long run, but not urgent in the short term.

That’s where we come into the picture. We offer sales & marketing support to make sure you can continue to grow internationally. International sales and marketing is not a copy-paste of the Dutch approach. We will use our wide intercultural experience and marketing skills for the benefit of your company. We speak English, German and French.

Which activities could this be?

  • Updating and developing marketing and sales plans
  • Updating and developing sales presentations
  • Following up leads after trade fairs and trade missions
  • Drawing up and monitoring newsletters; social media strategy
  • Setting up a professional distributor network and distributor management

Working method

For short-term and work with a nicely delimited scope, we use fixed prices that have been agreed in advance. If you are looking for long-term support, please ask about our subscriptions.

If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Marketing & Sales Support – a case study

We produced the international marketing plan for one of our customers. They already had a number of distributors whose level of performance varied widely. The company needed more structure in its management. We mapped out the importance and potential of each distributor for this company. We drew up a detailed plan of action for the top five, with the spotlight on strengthening relations, obtaining more insights into the local market, and improvements in market support for the distributors (including product and sales training). This was linked to realistic and tangible sales targets. The analysis also showed that there were some distributors who did not sell much and also had little potential, yet required a disproportionate amount of time. The company decided to continue the distributor relations for the time being, but with a reduced level of support.