Export Strategy

What’s the best way to handle international growth? What strategy are you going to adopt? Expansion in existing or new markets, with a distributor, via e-commerce, using your own staff from your home country or with your own local office abroad? Can you continue your current policy or are there elements that need adjusting if you’re to achieve the required results?

Sparring partner
It can be quite difficult to list all the options and distil the best export strategy for your company from them. An outsider’s look at your company can be a breath of fresh air. We very much enjoy the role of being your discussion partner. We ask slightly different questions and help you refine your plans and formulate or reformulate your export strategy.
Committed, personal, analytical and independent.

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Export Strategie – a case study

One of our clients is a rapidly growing company that receives requests from various parts of the world. They asked us to help them create more structure and focus in their approach and formulate an export strategy. One of the questions was how to determine which countries they should be focusing on and then how to handle spontaneous requests for quotations from other areas. What should they respond to and what was better left alone? After a few discussions it became clear which factors determine whether an offer is attractive or not. Using these factors, we drew up a selection model and two focus countries were chosen. A checklist is now used for requests from other countries, giving a quick indication whether to prioritise the request.


We will discuss your internationalisation plans with you in three ninety-minute interviews, after which we will formulate a clear export strategy.

Investment: €695 exclusive of VAT.

Hiring an external party and showing them how your company operates is quite a step. Which is why we’re inviting you to contact us and get to know us and our expert knowledge through a videoconference call, with no obligations.