International business development and export management means thinking and doing. Sketching out the big picture, determining the policy and taking actions to convert plans into results. In practice this turns out to be quite a challenge. Where do you start and where do you and your employees find the time for it?

We actually do the work for you and help you with the realisation of your export goals, making sure that plans don’t just remain plans but will be realised too. No woolly stories – concrete actions, sleeves rolled up and down to work. We have a wealth of experience in developing and setting up international programmes and we will be pleased to use this knowledge and experience in export management to help your company.


We will take a wide-ranging and fresh look at your company, asking questions that are a little bit different. While doing so, we never lose sight of the big picture, from the initial aims through to the final results.

In concrete terms, we will do that as follows:

  • Aim: we challenge you to formulate clearly where you are now, where you want to go, and why.
  • Approach: a clear strategy and action plan are the basis of export success. We provide help and give you advice for developing a professional approach to your exports so that you can take the next steps in exporting confidently.
  • Action: We will be pleased to help you execute your strategy and action plan. A few examples of the activities that we can carry out: mapping out the international sales market and channels, coordinating export activities, managing distributors, and sales & marketing support.
  • Result: in the end, your interests and the results achieved are what it is all about. And that is what we will work towards: international growth, a larger network, a more effective organisation or better operating results.

Export Management Services

How can we work together?

You can hire us:

  • as a sparring partner
  • for the setup and execution of short-term projects
  • as an interim manager to cover capacity problems
  • for long-term international business development programmes

We are open to various possibilities and aim for open and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Contact & More Information

Call Linda van den Broek on +31 (0)6 5166 3615 or send an e-mail to info@xportwise.nl for an introduction appointment.