Focus on structural exporting

Maybe you started exporting by chance when you received an order from abroad. It’s all going nicely enough, but you’re more ambitious than that.

If you don’t want to depend on occasional orders from abroad, you’ll have to take action yourself. But how? How can you make the switch from responding to requests from abroad to a strategic exports strategy?

In just a couple of meetings, I’ll help you get a clear picture of how you can improve your exports. You will receive a customized step-by-step plan that lets you get cracking, straight away.

What does export consultancy bring you?

The daily hustle and bustle means you often don’t get round to paying attention to the next steps in your exporting. Or you may find yourself going round in ever-decreasing circles because you don’t have a good picture of the possibilities and opportunities abroad.

With me on board, you have an expert who can take an objective and critical look. You save time and therefore, ultimately, money.

I will help mould your export ambitions. That gives you:

  • A clear export strategy
  • Structure in your approach to exporting
  • Solutions for bottlenecks in your exports
  • A concrete action plan

A tried-and-tested, effective approach

Export consultancy starts with a baseline measurement: what is the status of your exporting at the moment? What is going well and where are the bottlenecks? We will discuss your drivers and ambitions for doing business internationally. Those are the starting points for your export plan.

We then take a look together at how you can resolve the issues and what you need to do to turn your plans into reality. I then summarize it into a step-by-step plan with concrete action points, a timeline and a list of who has what responsibilities for its implementation – clear, succinct and practical. That lets you quickly make a number of improvements in your exporting.

‘Linda is a competent coach. She will let you talk and really listens. She makes you think about the various aspects that you missed, just when you thought you had everything in order. Linda is very skilled in identifying these issues.

Liesbeth Oudshoorn, Xelboo BV

Don’t leave exports as a slow burner

I’ll be pleased to help you grow abroad and resolve the issues.

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