Export support for experienced and starting exporting companies

Xportwise supports manufacturing businesses and exporters of agricultural products in doing business internationally. I will help you set up or improve your export activities and resolve bottlenecks in exports for you.

I add structure to ideas, translate plans into feasible objectives and guide the export process until the desired results are achieved.

With me on board, you will have the fresh perspective of an experienced export specialist, who knows the ins and outs.


The free Xportscan is a good place to start. It gives you a clear picture of the current state of your exports and the parts of your export activities that need attention. Complete the online questionnaire and I’ll take a look to see how you score on the five fundamentals of successful exporting. The results will be sent to you as a handy overview with tips for improving your exports.

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Export consultancy

In a couple of meetings, we will examine your export plans in more detail. We will talk about where you are right now, what you want to achieve and what is needed if you are to achieve those objectives. The discussions will yield a concrete and practical action plan that will let you get right down to business straight away.

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Export management

An export plan is a good start, but in the end it’s all about the implementation. That’s where the biggest bottlenecks are. I can help shape your export plans, as well as providing support when putting them into effect. I will take tasks out of your hands and work towards a predefined final result.

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Kickstart your exports

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