My clients are exporting SMEs from the manufacturing industry and the agricultural sector. I help them with a professional approach to exports, followed by the implementation of their export plans

Furthermore, I work for governments, branche organisations and universities of applied sciences.

Clients over Xportwise:


“We enjoyed working with Linda. She asked the right questions, which made us start thinking about our company. It went deeper than just exporting. We can very well use the insights we got and have a clearer picture of the road ahead.”

Marie-Anne Verhoeven, owner Verhoeven Constructie BV


“In 2014, I found out about the Starters’ International Business arrangements through the Metaalunie. Xportwise, in their capacity as SIB consultants, helped me set up an export plan. Holding joint discussions about what was and wasn’t possible let us create an export plan that we gradually worked out in more detail. The additional expertise of Xportwise was very welcome, because you get quickly down to work on the products and the sales process as an entrepreneur. Xportwise helped us prepare the plans properly: what things do I have to pay attention to, how do I settle this, and what about the business culture in the export country in question? We are now able to build upon that success by ourselves. ”

Ronnie Vos, CEO Joh Vos Capelle BV


“The export course ‘Export plan on a single A4’ is to-the-point and practical. The unique combination with post-course coaching will enable you to really take the next step.”

Brigit Voorthuis, ledenadviseur internationaal ondernemen Metaalunie


“Linda is a competent coach. She will let you talk and really listens. Then she will ask questions about what you just told her. These are often difficult and confronting questions, and you often think ‘How am I supposed to know that?’. Of course this is not very pleasant in the moment, but it does give you a better understanding of the bottlenecks. She makes you think about the various aspects that you missed, just when you thought you had everything in order. Linda is very skilled in identifying these issues.”

Liesbeth Oudshoorn, Art Director Xelboo BV

Fast and committed

“Linda helped us to develop and implement a market entry strategy for our UNIQ profiles for glass balustrades in Germany. We got relevant market information about the construction sector in Germany, as well as a list of potential dealers for our product, which resulted in a number of newly established contacts. Remarkable is the speed, with which Linda mastered our products and our way of working. Furthermore, she is very committed and doesn't let go easily. As a person, Linda is a pleasure to work with. She is enthusiastic and is a good sparring partner, who understands the issues very quickly. I can recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Yvonne Kersten, marketing manager IMS Nederland


“The export course ‘Export plan on a single A4’ is to-the-point and practical. The unique combination with post-course coaching will enable you to really take the next step.”

Christiaan de Nooij, owner De Nooij Stainless BV


“Xportwise helped me to put my export plans for Germany on paper. Linda really listened to my questions and provided me with the answers I needed. The advice I got was extensive and professional.”

Alex Buwalda, owner AB Marine Services

Practical tips for exports

“In 2014 I took the workshop called ‘Focus: the key to success’ at Xportwise. Clear ways were suggested for mapping out the short-term and long-term export goals. It ‘forces’ you to investigate the vision, mission and goals of your own company. In addition, you’re not only given the tools to determine properly substantiated goals, but also to monitor the goals and tweak them during the process if necessary. There was attention for topics that matter to our company and situation, so the tips can be used in practice immediately. For me, as an export manager, this was an ideal workshop to help me take that particular additional step.

Stephan de Ruiter, export manager Faay Vianen BV


For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xportwise organises since 2014 the ‘Trade and Investment Promotion’ course for employees of Dutch embassies and consulates. The overall goal of this course is to better serve the interests of exporting companies in the Netherlands and to ensure a high standard of service at embassies and consulates.

This course consists of a three-day course as a group and a five-day business internship at a Dutch exporting company. Xportwise organises both the group course as well as the individual internships.



Quite regularly, I give guest lectures for universities of applied sciences. I also tutor  graduate students for the University of Applied Science Windesheim in Zwolle, the Netherlands, during their graduation project. These students do an internship in a company, for which they usually develop an export or marketing communication plan.

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