Exports is all about getting into action. Not for the sake of just doing something, but based on a sound export strategy and a structured approach.

In practice, it is not that easy. If you have a small sales team and can’t free anyone up to tackle exports, then you’ll soon find there is no time to get genuinely to grips with exporting. That means you will not get enough turnover from export and your opportunities for growth will be limited.

Xportwise helps you do business abroad

I always get itchy feet when I see export opportunities falling by the wayside due to lack of time and capacity, particularly when exports are important for the continuity and innovative strength of the company.

I offer a solution, with concrete recommendations and practical support for putting export plans into practice. That isn’t a cost item – it’s an investment in making your export dreams come true.

May be you are a bit hesitant to invest in an export consultant and afraid that it will lead to a theoretical plan, that doesn’t suit your needs.

That’s not my style. I will do my utmost best to get to know your company and think of opportunities to help your company grow internationally. So, that means no one-size-fits all, but a custom made approach that suits your company.

‘Xportwise conducted the research in a very professional way, with a down to earth attittude that led to an advice we can use in practice.’

Christiaan de Nooij, De Nooij Stainless BV

Great at producing practical solutions

Resolving bottlenecks gives me energy. I see quickly where you can improve the processes and what actions that demands.

By nature, I am a go-getter and the way I work is structured and results-oriented with a high commitment to my clients. At start of a project, I first analyse the current export activities of the company, give very careful thought to the best export strategy and on that basis I develop a concrete action plan.

When it comes to carrying out the work, I am flexible. You can’t know everything beforehand and you have to be able to adapt your plans when necessary. The final result is what matters.

‘Remarkable is the speed, with which Linda mastered our products and our way of working. Furthermore, she is very committed and doesn’t let go easily. As a person, Linda is a pleasure to work with. She is enthusiastic and a good sparring partner, who understands the issues very quickly.’

Yvonne Kersten, IMS Nederland BV

Years of experience

Let me introduce myself: my name is Linda van den Broek and I’m a business economist with plenty of knowledge and experience in the world of exports.

My experience at the sharp end is with a variety of SME companies. In the past, I worked for an exporter and forwarder for whom I organized container transports throughout the world. After an eight-year intermezzo abroad (USA, Malaysia and Hong Kong), I started out on my own in 2008.

As an independent export consultant, I supported many SMEs to increase their turnover from exports. I have accumulated a great deal of experience in companies from the metalworking and agricultural sectors. I would love to use my knowledge and expertise for your company as well.

‘Xportwise helped me to put my export plans for Germany on paper. Linda really listened to my questions and provided me with the answers I needed.’

Alex Buwalda, AB Marine Service

Invest in the international growth of your company

Don’t leave exports as a slow burner. Let me help you to make a success of exporting.

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