Xportwise helps you make a success of exporting

If you want to achieve turnover structurally abroad, exporting isn’t just a small afterthought to be tacked on later. You’ll only achieve results if you consistently pay attention to exporting and if you’re prepared to invest in it. If you’re not sure of the best way to tackle it and whether you can free up enough time, I can help you.

In the role of temporary export manager, I can take work off your hands. I will help you come up with an export strategy and an export plan. Furthermore, I will support you in the implementation of your plans. With that, you can you give your exports the attention they need, without having to take anyone on straight away.


How can I support you in exporting?


An export quick scan, free of charge, that will quickly let you see the status of your exports.

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Export consultancy

Short-term projects in which I help you determine an export strategy and draw up an export plan.

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Export management

As an interim manager, I provide support for setting up and implementing export activities.

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Who is Xportwise?

My name is Linda van den Broek. I am a business economist and a Qualified Export Manager. Since 2008, I have been working as an independent export consultant, helping SMEs from manufacturing industries and the agricultural sector to export their products.

It’s something I love doing and I put a lot of effort into it. I am genuinely pleased if I can help your businesses progress and if my guidance leads to growth in exports.

‘We enjoyed working with Linda. She asked the right questions, which made us start thinking about our company. It went deeper than just exporting. We can very well use the insights we got and have a clearer picture of the road ahead.’

Marie-Anne Verhoeven, Verhoeven Constructie BV

Go for export growth

If you’d like to get more turnover from abroad, then don’t wait! Make an appointment for an introductory discussion with no obligations.

We will talk about what I can do for you and we can see if it clicks at the personal level. Only then will I draw up a quotation, tailored to your needs and wishes.



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